Mysterious Respiratory Illness Found in Arizona Dogs Spreading Across the Nation, Says AZ Family

Mysterious Respiratory Illness Found in Arizona Dogs Spreading Across the Nation, Says AZ Family

Pet Owners Beware: Mysterious Respiratory Illness Affecting Dogs Across the US

The Rising Concern Among Pet Owners

Pet owners are on high alert after a mysterious respiratory illness has affected dogs in 14 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, and New Hampshire. The illness lasts up to six weeks and leads to pneumonia, especially in dogs with pre-existing conditions. The main concern among pet owners is that dogs are not responding to standard medical treatment, and it’s unclear whether the illness is bacterial or viral.

The Opinion of a Veterinarian

Dr. Nathan Scholten, a Scottsdale Veterinarian from the Hopi Animal Hospital, has seen an increase in dogs coming in with respiratory problems. He mentions that the illness hasn’t yet been identified, although none of the samples match known infectious respiratory pathogens. “They’ve also tested it for Covid, and it’s not Covid either,” says Dr. Scholten.

Precautions for Pet Owners

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends pet owners to take some precautions to prevent the spread of the illness since it’s likely spread from dog to dog. Firstly, making sure your dog is fully vaccinated is a great way to keep him safe. Secondly, if possible, keeping pets out of kennels and avoiding dog parks can help prevent exposure to the illness. Lastly, avoiding grooming facilities and crowded places through the holidays is highly recommended.

Avoiding Dog Parks – A Challenge for Pet Owners

Many pet owners will find it challenging to avoid taking their dogs to dog parks as they are the best place for pets to socialize and get exercise. However, it’s crucial for pet owners to keep their dogs’ safety in mind and minimize their exposure to the unknown illness.

Panicking Pet Owners

Dr. Scholten believes that pet owners don’t need to panic if their furry friends show signs of coughing. Similar to a summer cold, most cases of the illness are recovering without any problems. Nonetheless, pet owners should monitor their dogs’ health and look for other symptoms. If dogs’ coughing persists for a few days, Dr. Scholten recommends bringing them to the animal hospital.

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe

For pet owners, keeping their furry friends healthy and safe is a top priority, especially during these uncertain times. By following the recommendations of veterinarians, pet owners can ensure their pets stay healthy and avoid exposure to the mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs across the US.

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